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Holistic Wellness

Welcome to the World of Holistic Wellness! Holistic Wellness - What & Why Components of Oneself Summary of Dis-ease Spiritual Well-being Emotional Well-being Mental Well-being Physical Well-being Sleep Physical Activities Relaxed & Happy Mind Detoxing/Cleansing Nutrition & super Healthy Water Holistic Wellness - What & Why Below picture shows the 8 aspects of Wellness. To live in this world, we need certain Internal & External conditions. Internal Conditions are Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, Financial and Occupational. External Conditions are Social and Environmental. Only when all the 8 aspects of Wellness are adhered to, Life becomes Balanced and Complete each supporting the other. Components of Oneself Broadly oneself is made up of Body, Mind & Soul or rather Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual There is a great connection between a
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My Journey with Forever Living Products : How to Prevent and Reverse Dis-eases

How to Prevent & Reverse Dis-eases... It all started with my 9 year old son, Sundar who had eczema for about 2 years while we were in US. We treated him through Dermatologists in India & US, but it didn't get cured. During March 2016, thanks to an abhyasi (fellow Meditation Practitioner) by name Br. Bala Senthil enlightened me about the medicinal and healing power of Aloe Vera and our son Sundar drank Aloe Vera gel from Forever Living Products and also applied Avacado soap. What a miracle, Sundar got rid of his itchy, patchy eczema from his forearms, behind the knees and groin within 3 weeks of drinking Forever's Aloe Vera gel and applying Avacado soap on his body.      Eczema Before/After As I was already a Vegan since 2011 and knowledgeable in Plant based Health & Nutrition, I started reading in-depth about Aloe Vera and got thoroughly convinced and impressed about this Miracle, Healing Plant called Aloe Vera Barbedene